Christians’ graveyard ‘not acceptable!’

These are the photos of the banners placed in one of the posh areas of Lahore which is called Garden Town. The banners read the slogan:

Christians’ graveyard in Muslim population is not acceptable! Not acceptable!

It’s worth mentioning here that Christian bodies are not allowed to be buried in Muslim graveyards, and now they are facing resistance in trying to have their own graveyard! Which roughly means, Christian dead-bodies have no right to burial?


  1. I am sad to read this news and still unable to understand what is going in the stupid minds of mulla’s in Pakistan. Where is the end of their stupidness. If they don’t stop this nonsense, I am afraid pretty soon in other parts of Europeans, North, Central, and South America, Australia, Newzeland and other then Muslim countries if they start doing the same thing against Muslim then what will happened to US. What is the guarantee if Pakistani mulla and or government refuse to accept dead bodies of former Pakistani citizens or their children from abroad? For the sake of God stop damaging the beautiful teaching of Islam.

  2. @Shobz the rights of minorities were officially thrown out the window by the government of Pakistan almost 40 years ago

  3. Verily, We have revealed to thee the Book with truth for the good of mankind. So whoever follows guidance, follows it for the benefit of his own soul; and whoever goes astray, goes astray only to its detriment. And thou art not a guardian over them.

  4. I am a Muslim and I am ashamed of this. This is sheer nonsense! I hope some one real finish off the Mullaiat in Pakistan. They need to be sorted out by the rest of the world as Pakistani system is unable do. Lanut Ho in Jahiloon Par.

  5. my people!!! i guess its not the mullah’s anymore. its our illiterate countryman who are in support of these mullah’s. we all know without a support, ones words do not carry a weight. It all comes back to the education system. we can go on and talk about minorities and majorities all day….without education we will be helpless in conveying the message

  6. you people crack me up, one banner and a few lines and “I am ashamed to be a Muslim” “mullahs this mullahs that” when did all of you become bloody ignorant americans. Masala writer Mr. Janjua stop giving partial information and stirring emotions up…you stupid sick sad case. One community decides to exercise their right by putting up a banner saying they do not want a Christian graveyard in a Muslim area is no big deal. I am sure Christians would protest too if there was a Muslim graveyard in their area. It is only common sense!!! Muslims and Christians are two separate communities having individual identities and practices…it only makes sense to have separate graveyards in their respected community areas.

    Would a Christian, who has spent his entire life believing and practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ want to be buried next to someone who has spent an entire life following the teachings of Muhammed? I think not.

    We have separate identities in life…why not in death…so please stop making a fuss about things and tarnishing the image of Muslims and Pakistanis… Mr. Janjua…you are a lousy masala writer…and ever if you were a good one…you would still be a masala writer….so get a life moron…

  7. Your an idiot Mr. Habib Mamsa!!…

    The banner states that a Christan Graveyard is not acceptable. Which is the lowest you can go as a muslim that your not even going to let the dead get buried who are from another religion?

    This is a big deal, its a huge deal. Mullas are fucked in the head for bring out teachings and creating mind frame likes these all across Pakistan!

  8. A question for the “Muslims” of Pakistan who support the idea of separate graveyards in Pakistan:
    For those Muslims living and dying in non-Muslim countries such as UK, USA etc. Where should they be buried when they die?

  9. Guys – I work in the same area (Garden Town) in which these posters have been displayed. I have talked to the person behind this campaign

    The real story is that due to the expansion of Canal Road, A Christian graveyard has been secretely allocated a place to be shifted here. Community of Garden Town is of the view that the Graveyard of Christians should be shifted to any community of Christians, and not of Muslims

    So this is the real story

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