Talking to IndiaPostLive on “Pak: Landmine for journos”

Screen grab of the webcast
Screen grab of the webcast

I was invited on the panel of’s live Webcast to speak on the subject of “Pakistan: A landmine for journalists?

Journalists from both sides of the border came together to have an insightful discussion without reaching for each others throats.

On the panel from India:

– Vinod Sharma

– Snehesh Alex Philip

– Meena Menon

And of course the wonderful host Neelanjana Banerjee and the coordinator Subha Roy.

Representing Pakistan side:

– Beena Sarwar

– Aamir Mughal

– Yours truly

– Gul Bukhari

– Aisha Sarwari

– Meher Tarar

– Kamran Shafi

– Rab Nawaz

I mostly talked about…well why don’t you find out what I talked about by watching the show?

I am brought in at around 00:18:30 but I am cut short because of the poor bandwidth. I again speak at around 00:40:20 and this time the connection was better (thank heavens). And then for the final comment at 01:02:00.

Here’s the video. Feel free to comment.

[ustream id=48414224 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]
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