Face off: True VS False virgins

Pakistan — one of the most sexually repressed countries in the world and therefore is home to many perverted men — has outdone itself. Our obsession with virgins is not new. I mean it’s one of the several things about us that are mocked throughout the world, right? But this time, we’ve outdone ourselves — to a whole new level.

A journalist posted a picture on Twitter showing an excerpt from a university level medical textbook listing how to tell the difference between a ‘true virgin’ from a false virgin and needless to say they’re talking about women’s virginity only.

So you ready?

The first one — actually I feel to disgusted to even type that again. But look at the image for yourself.


Words are not enough to even begin to describe how creepy this is. The same obsession with women and their genitals. I mean why does it even matter and why does it even have to be tested if she is virgin? But no! Not only do we have to check that. We also have to test if she’s a ‘true virgin’ or ‘false virgin’. Don’t even ask me what happens if she turns out to be a ‘false virgin’.

Oh! And we’re still working on a test to tell the difference between a ‘true non-virgin’ and a ‘false non-virgin’.

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