Kami Sid responds to rape allegations

Kami Sid, the transgender rights activist accused of raping a minor and intimidating opponents into silence, has responded to the allegations denying all charges.

It is with sadness that I have to make this official statement about the allegations of rape
and sexual violence recently made against me in the social media.
Please note that this is my official statement on this issue. Some media outlets have
claimed to quote me in the past few days. I have not spoken to any of these media outlets.
Whatever I have to say on this topic, I say here and now.
I have made no official statement on these allegations before because first of all I have
always believed that my own actions and my own hard work speak better for me than any
rumors. And secondly, because I had hoped that many people who follow me all over
the world would not believe in a social media witch hunt against me.
But now the harassment against me has reached a level where I can not be silent and I
have to speak out.
The case of allegations that my slanderers refer to is from 2014. Back then already, no
legal charges were ever made against me. Nevertheless, both the NGOs that I was
working with at that time and the khwajasara community decided to investigate the case.
It was decided that I would not be able to work with them anymore if I would be found
guilty. Both investigated the case thoroughly.
The investigation was painstaking and difficult for me. But I knew that I was innocent
and had nothing to fear. In the end, indeed, both the NGOs I was working with and the
khwajasara community could prove me innocent and that all allegations made against me
were rendered as being false.
For me and the people that I work with the case has been closed since then.
Certain people nevertheless keep bringing up these old charges against me again and
again. Usually in those times when I have achieved something positive in my life and for
my transgender community; that is when I receive a lot of media attention.
I can say from the depth of my heart that I am innocent of all the allegations made against
me. I have never committed such a horrible crime.
Not only do I say that, but others have also already been my witnesses and spoken out for
me. Others who were there in 2014 and have seen everything with their own eyes. If need
be, many more can speak out for me.
I do not expect everybody to believe me or the people who speak out for me. I know that
a celebrity like me will always have people who will oppose her.
I expect you to make your allegations via the proper way that our society, our law system
and decent humanity has created for such allegations, instead of engaging in a social
media hunt against me. I don’t stand for ‘politics of naming and shaming’ but in formal
recourse to legal channels.
If you have evidence against me, then bring it forward in court and I will stand against it.
If you have files against me, then make them available to court and I will stand against
them. If you have documents and proof against me, then stop being elusive and
mysterious about it and let me defend myself against them in front of legal authorities.
I am not afraid of that. But apparently you are afraid of it because ever since you have
started making these allegations against me, you have found a thousand excuses for why
you can not confront me in court.
Some of my slanderers have claimed that I “threatened“ them. I have not threatened you
in any way and even your own screenshots prove that. I have defended myself and told
you to bring your evidence to court. And I ask you here again: Do it the proper way and
bring it to court!
Unfortunately, it has become quite easy in our society to accuse a transgender person of
sexual violence. This is a very convenient story that plays into the prejudices and
stigmatization of our community in this society. It is the easiest way to accuse a
transgender person in our society.
Several of the people who are now accusing me have also accused khwajasara culture of
sexual violence before. And they have accused several gurus in the khwajasara
community of sexual violence. These kind of allegations have been used by people again
and again which harms our community in the long run. Let’s not feed into the age-old
culture of stigmatization of marginalized groups.
Fortunately, I have the support of the vast majority of my transgender and khwajasara
community behind me. We stand united in this question: We are not perpetrators of rape
and sexual violence, neither within our community nor outside.
The reality is that it is actually us as a community who are at most instances victims of
I will not tolerate further slander of me and my community.
You can expect that legal procedures against my slanderers will follow soon. Lastly,
unlike the people who have attacked me, I am more than willing to make my case heard
according to the legal path paved with utmost transparency and cooperation from my end.
This is for the sake of my hard-earned respect and most importantly my community. 

Voice of Internet is not aware of any statement issued by co-accused Sid Kami.

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